Benefits of Using World Class Backup Software

Good backup software isn't for when things are going well. Hopefully, you never even have to use the recovery features of your backup software -- but when you do, it had better work right. Don't get stuck using software that's unproven when it's time to recover. You need a solution that is ready to go and already knows how to do the work for you.

BackupEDGE has been in production environments for over 20 years. That's a lot of practice. When disaster happens, you can rest assured that BackupEDGE already has the systems in place to restore your server, website, or business machine back to working order. From simle restores of data to a complete system rebuild, everything you need is all in one package.

Simple Setup, Smooth Operation

Download and setup in only a few simple steps. A configuration wizard will then guide you through selecting your media. Once the software is up and running, just let it do its thing. In fact, it will e-mail you a nightly report of backup success or failure. BackupEDGE will even let you know if the data properly verified. If you do need to configure it, you may do so via a web interface, an X11-based interface, a graphical text version that runs over a terminal or even a command line interface. No matter how you choose to configure backups, BackupEDGE makes what used to be a daunting task, suddenly simple.

Effective, Powerful Backup Engine

Every piece of BackupEDGE has been engineered for data protection, performance and reliability. Bitwise or CRC verification is enabled by default - assuring your data has successfully reached your storage medium of choice. Compression is enabled on a per-file basis. Why is that important? Compressing the entire stream causes reliability issues - loose any of it and all of your files are gone. BackupEDGE compresses files individually so if data does get lost, you haven't lost the rest of your backup.

Affordable, Enterprise-class Software

We all know how hard it is to find software that does what it's supposed to. When software does work right, it usually has astronomical costs associated with it. With BackupEDGE you get the best of both worlds. Affordable, reliable backup software. It works right. The first time. Every time.


Data Reliability Protect your data and your business with award-winning software. Data is backed up and verified so you don't ever get stuck with months of worthless backups.


Full System Recovery With RecoverEDGE OneTouch Restore™, your entire system is restored with the click of a button. Bootloader, filesystems, configuration and data are all laid out and restored without hassle. Restore from CD, DVD, REV or even PXE network boot to recover your system. The best news is, RecoverEDGE is included FREE with every copy of (Linux) BackupEDGE!

Optional Encryption Prevent your critical files and records from being compromised. The optional Encryption package uses 256-bit AES encryption on files and a protected 2048-bit public/private key pair. Now that's encryption!

Easy to Use

Java-based Interface Control BackupEDGE right from your browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Sure, there's still a command-line interface if you want it, but you can also use the X11 graphical interface or a terminal-based graphics interface.

Fully Automated Backups automatically run every night, or configure the interval to whenever your server is the least busy. Notifications are automatically sent so you always know if there was a problem with your backup.

Online or Physical Medium Protect your data the way that works best for you and your business. BackupEDGE works with online solutions like FTP, FTPS, Amazon S3 or NAS (Network Attached Storage). Or, if you prefer, send your backups to local physical media like a Tape Drive, Autoloader, DVD, CD, etc.