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Microlite Ships Powerful BackupEDGE 2.0 Backup and Disaster Recovery Software for Linux

Thursday, October 16th, 2003

ALIQUIPPA, PA – (BUSINESS WIRE) — October 16, 2003 — Microlite Corporation today announced that it has begun shipments of BackupEDGE 2.0, the latest release of its award winning backup and disaster recovery software for Linux. Among its many new features, this release provides the highest possible security for archived data by employing standards-based encryption.

“Securing computer systems and networks addresses only part of the problem when it comes to maintaining the confidentiality of client and patient data, and of methods, systems and business practices,” said Tom Podnar, president of Microlite Corporation. “By using the encryption option of this product, companies can ensure that no one can simply walk off with a backup tape or disc and read privileged information at their leisure”.

BackupEDGE 2.0 employs its own cryptographically strong random number generator and a powerful combination of symmetric and asymmetric algorithms to encrypt and decrypt archived data. It is completely standards-based. Individual archives are protected by separate, randomly generated 256 bit AES encryption keys, which are in turn protected by a 2048 bit RSA key pair. Encryption is fully integrated into the product and performed at the file level, providing the following benefits…

  • Only data that needs to be protected is encrypted.
  • Overall performance stays high as only critical files are subject to CPU intensive encryption.
  • Full compatibility with other product features such as    verification, quick file access, and disaster recovery is    maintained.
  • Each encrypted file is pre-compressed to ensure that no space is lost due to the inability of tape hardware compression implementations to compress encrypted data.

About BackupEDGE 2.0

Microlite BackupEDGE 2.0 is a full-featured backup and disaster recovery solution. Over two years in design, and validated with a long open test period, it provides best-of breed capabilities in many areas, including…

  • Standards-based data format with longer pathname support than any other product.
  • Most robust device support, including all CD and DVD formats and all tape drives, autoloaders and libraries.
  • The most powerful integrated compressor for maximum utilization of all media types, especially optical.
  • A combination of full-file checksum and bit-level verify for utmost confidence in archive reliability.
  • Full-featured scheduler allows unlimited schedule creation with event triggering and multiple notification methods.
  • Fastest access to archived files on tape or optical media.
  • RecoverEDGE, the most versatile integrated disaster recovery tool available for Linux.