BackupEDGE Features

Alright, so now you've read about many of the things BackupEDGE can do for your business, but you're still not satisified. Your glad to know this software has been running in major businesses for over 20 years, but you still aren't satisifed.

Before you buy backup software, you want to know that it can backup only the changes on your server -- every Tuesday and Thursday at 3am (it can, by the way). You want to know that if your server crashes and you loose your install media, you can still boot from an OBDR Tape Drive to do your restore (you can, by the way). And you definitely want to know why this software doesn't cost more like $1,500 (actually, we're not sure).

The amount of features in this product is truly amazing, but we'll try to cover the major ones on this page.

Instant File Restore™ / Fast File Restore™

Traditionally, backup software works very well when making a backup or restoring the entire backup. However, when you want to restore an individual file (you accidentally deleted something, for example) the process can be painfully slow. If you are backing up to a Tape Drive, this is expected -- but not anymore. Fast File Restore™ can quickly seek to a particular file on tape, and it even optimizes itself for your tape drive! For backups to random-access devices (like Amazon S3, a local hard disk, or DVD) it happens even faster with Instant File Restore™. Just get my file!

Data Integrity Verification

It is inconceivable how many system administrators don't do verifications of their backups. That means you could have years of worthless backups and never even know there was a problem... until you need to restore one. Thankfully, Microlite BackupEDGE has verification built in and automatic. Just make your backup as usual and the rest is taken care of. Any time there is an issue with a backup, automatic notification will let you know. ... and just in case you still feel like playing Russian Roulette with your data, you can always turn it back off.

Web-based Control Interface

Web server customers love this, but everyone else likes it too. No more editing long command lines to do a backup. For the most part, you can install the software and forget about it. However, it is nice to know that when you need to tweak your configuration that it can be done from your web browser.


RecoverEDGE is a feature that really puts this product over the top. In fact, RecoverEDGE could easily be a product all its own, but it is included free with every copy of BackupEDGE. In a single click, RecoverEDGE is able to restore an entire system. A process that would normally require a full OS restore, backup software install, and then a restore is reduced to a single action: click. RecoverEDGE can even be loaded directly on your backup media if it is bootable (like a DVD or bootable Tape) or PXE booted from a local network source.

Per-file Compression

At first, this doesn't seem like a major feature. But lose one bit from a stream-compressed backup and you will suddenly become a promoter of the Per-file Compression doctrine. With Per-file compression, if something does happen to a backup, you only lose the file associated with the problem, not your whole backup. Smart compression is just one more way BackupEDGE protects your data.

Strong Encryption (256-bit AES)

This add-on to BackupEDGE allows your data to be stored encrypted on backup media. Users who backup locally or who don't have private data may not need this feature, so it is an optional addition. For those who do need encryption, you'll be glad to know that the 256-bit AES key is generated for each and every backup. Furthermore, a 2048-bit private/public key pair protects your keyset for even better protection. Use encryption when you need your data protected AND private.

Online Backups (Amazon S3, FTP/FTPS, NAS)

Backups to tape are a no-brainer, but you need to backup a remote server and don't have anywhere to even store the data. Would you believe, BackupEDGE has you covered there too. Send backup data to a local FTP or secure FTP server, or to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. Don't have the space? Use Amazon S3 and pay a small monthly fee to keep your backups on their servers. BackupEDGE is fully integrated with Amazon S3, so the integration is completely seamless.

Flexible Scheduler

Set backups to run nightly, weekly, hourly, or whatever works best for your business. For a specific set of files, create a Domain. Domains allow you to specify a particular set of files that should be backed up together. By default, you will backup all files. Let's say, for example, you wanted to only backup your website directory daily and everything else weekly. Just put your website into its own BackupEDGE domain and now you may configure it separately.

Email Notification

Stop wondering if you data is still safe! BackupEDGE Notification keeps you informed about the success or failure of each scheduled backup. You will receive e-mail that will include an immediate assessment of the success of your backup and the verification. So you won't just know if the backup was completed, but you'll also know if the data successfully reached the other side.

Master Backups / Differential Backups / Incremental Backups

A Master Backup is a complete backup of your entire system. For users that want to conserve time or space, there is the option to use Differential or Incremental Backups. Differential backups only send the data that has changed since the last Master Backup. Incremental backups will only send the changes since the last Differential or the last Incremental backup. Using Incremental or Differential backups can save a significant amount of throughput and storage space as only new data needs to be backed up!